Construction Site of the Future

The “construction site of the future” is developing and upon us.  It will be one of increased efficiencies, connectivity, data and decarbonisation.

The xelectrix Power Box from Green Power Systems has a part to play in all of these areas.  Starting with the hydridization of diesel generators.  Green Power Systems also have solutions for the e-charging of the equipment and machinery that has been developed by all of the leading manufacturers wanting to secure leading positions in the decarbonisation of construction.

The ability to have a positive effect on Climate Change is one of the largest opportunities for any infrastructure project today. Designing these features into the finished project is no longer enough, they must be part of the construction process itself. The drive to reduce polluting noise and emissions at every opportunity is developing at pace on a global scale, and construction is front and centre of the initiatives.

Electrical storage is a key component to the overall solution, and at Green Power we recognise this opportunity and the challenges to achieving it.  Together with our partners from xelectrix Power, we have the ability to lead the energy transition in construction by taking a fast market approach.  This speed & focus on x-vision of enabling the “construction site of the future” will enable the infrstructure to be in place to facilitate the eletrification in construction, infrastructure and utilities.

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Construction Site


Power Box Features associated with this Sector


Peak Shaving

Lowers the kW peaks of power into facilities, thereby reducing costs. For diesel generators the POWER BOX will stabilize the load curve, thereby reducing diesel consumption as well as reduce maintenance costs.


Re Optimization

The ability of the Power Box to optimize energy consumption and charge from connected PV and wind supplies efficiently.


Peak Power Boost

The ability of the Power box to supplement power from other sources to meet high capacity peaks.


Genset Control

The ability of the Power Box to communicate with a generator and automatically switch it on/off at pre programmed loads, resulting in considerable fuel savings.



The ability of the Power Box to act as an island style stress reliver for charging EV’s and site equipment even in areas with weak grid coverage.


Reactive Power Compensation

The ability of the Power Box to compensate reactive power, thereby reducing monthly invoice costs.ze energy consumption and charge from connected PV and wind supplies efficiently.


Unbalanced Load Acceptance

The ability of the Power Box to accept unbalanced loads across a three phase supply.

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