Diesel Generator Hybridisation

Savings of diesel and maintenance costs through hybridization

Diesel generators are used to provide power to off Grid consumers. Many applications run DG´s in inefficient load curves or have high start-up peaks. This leads to higher diesel consumption. xelectrix Power has a real solution that sets us apart from all other ESS´s. Using Peak Shaving, the load peaks and troughs are stabilized resulting in a generator that operates in an optimal range, which has both major cost and maintenance advantages. Diesel savings of up to 40% and maintenance cost savings of up to 50% can be achieved. This reduction of fuel consumption is also massively positive for the environment because of reduced emissions (CO2, NOX etc). An added feature is our PARALLEL PLATFORM TECHNOLOGY – this allows the diesel generator and the Power Box to work in parallel, where the Power Box does not limit / bottleneck the capacity of the DG. The Power Box supplements the DG making it possible to use lower KVA rated units. Our Peak Power Boost function allows the Power Box to supply battery power to handle higher load peaks, while our Genset Control function will actually switch DG´s off allowing the Power Box to take of site power supply.

  • Building and Infrastructure
  • Electrification of Construction Vehicles / E-Mobility and CHARGING
  • Hybridization of generators
  • Inner City
  • Smart HUB
  • Rental

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