EV-Charging – the solution behind the charging station


With the growing number of electric cars on the road, there has never been more focus on EV charging.  For the EV charging infrastructure to keep ahead of the demand, significant investment is required in EV charging storage solutions.

The xelectrix Power Boxes act as the stress-reliever in the E-Vehicle charging process – energy provided from either the grid or a renewable source is stored.  The power stored in the ESS then provides the power to the quick charge stations.  This simple EV storage battery massively reduces the need for major infrastructure work with high expenditure.

Power Boxes can easily be placed in car parks, petrol stations or next to apartment blocks to greatly assist the current EV charging infrastructure.

Additionally this can reduce the charging cost by utilizing Load Shifting and RE Plug–In.


  • The stress reliever behind the charging point
  • Less infrastructure disruptions
  • Modular and expandable
  • Easily deployed through Plug & Play installation

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