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The “electrification journey” goes beyond our lives at home and work, and will infiltrate every aspect of the world in which we live.  It will continue to have a positive effect in any location, especially where energy is generated by renewables or diesel generator.

From glamping sites to Electric car racing, charging golf buggies to powering music festivals, electrification is here and is to be embraced.

From the Holiday campsite that has solar or a wind turbine onsite to convention centres hosting tradeshows or events, where ever the use of diesel generators are currently in use, the xelectrix Power Box is the answer for the future.


Power Box Features associated with this Sector


Peak Shaving

Lowers the kW peaks of power into facilities, thereby reducing costs. For diesel generators the POWER BOX will stabilize the load curve, thereby reducing diesel consumption as well as reduce maintenance costs.


Load Shifting

The ability of the Power Box to store and discharge power at selected times allowing the shifting of power away from higher tariff periods.


Re Optimization

The ability of the Power Box to optimize energy consumption and charge from connected PV and wind supplies efficiently.


Peak Power Boost

The ability of the Power box to supplement power from other sources to meet high capacity peaks.


Backup Power

The ability of the Power Box to be used as an on/off grid backup provider. Often replacing conventional generator systems.


Genset Control

The ability of the Power Box to communicate with a generator and automatically switch it on/off at pre-programmed loads, resulting in considerable fuel savings.


Grid Stabilisation

 The ability of the Power Box to stabilise network electricity using a variety of features.


Micro Grid

The ability of the Power Box to create a network independent energy supply which can also be supplemented by renewables.



The ability of the Power Box to act as an island style stress reliver for charging EV’s and site equipment even in areas with weak grid coverage.


Grid Connection

 The ability of the Power Box to allow users to reduce grid connection rating and minimize costs.


Reactive Power Compensation

The ability of the Power Box to compensate reactive power, thereby reducing monthly invoice costs.


Unbalanced Load Acceptance

The ability of the Power Box to accept unbalanced loads across a three phase supply.


Charge Shifting

The Power Box can be pre programmed to charge at specific times and from specific sources – grid/genset/pv/wind.



The ability of the Power Box to be used as an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) delivering electricity independently of the grid.

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