Perfect for construction site, mining, telecommunications, On / Off Grid applications, industry, commercial buildings, residential, energy providers, Local Energy Communities, EV Charging and combining with Renewable Energies.


Green Power Energy

Construction, Mining, Telecommunication

Hybridization of generators
Reduction of fuel, maintenance and operating costs – Genset Control Feature
Plug & Play – no infrastructure change
Peak Power Boost – allowing smaller generators use
Substantial CO2 emission reductions

Industry, Business & Housing

Total control over when and how to use your power
Costs savings
Environmentally correct
Risk reduction
RE optimization

Grid Operators

Storage of surplus power with return to grid feature
Grid stabilization
Backup power
Ability to plug into alternative energy supplies
Ideal for the regulatory energy markets and energy traders

Local Energy Communities

Energy sharing and exchange in the Community – solar, wind
Reduction of outage risks for private houses
Reduction of grid and energy costs for the Community
Increases in local system efficiency


On- and –off Grid energy storage for E-Vehicle charging stations
AC or DC systems
E-Vehicles can be charged even during power outages
No major infrastructure / earth works required when running more manageable cables from Power Box Hubs to charging stations


Energy storage for Photovoltaic and Wind power supplies
Use the sun and wind in a more effective and efficient way
Charge with RE when technical restrictions exist in the Grid

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